Abdullah Nahar on YPI’s Sustainability

“Our ambition is to be the yachting business that is committed to providing exceptional services to its clients, in the most sustainable way. For YPI, sustainability is about understanding the impact we have on the environment and the wellbeing of our people, whilst operating a successful and profitable business over the long term. The first stage is understanding our impact, which will then enable us to collaborate together, as a team, to measure, monitor and reduce any negative impact we create as much as possible. Ultimately our goal is to create a zero-impact business and also consider a life-cycle approach to consumption. The development of a benchmark to measure a superyacht’s emissions is a giant step forward towards our shared goal of supporting eco-development in yachting. Measurement is key to assess the scale of the challenge we face and the processes needed to make a meaningful difference. YPI lends its full support to this initiative and looks forward to working hand in hand with our clients to hold ourselves accountable for our environmental impact and strive for a zero-impact operation and future for our industry.”

Jimmy Pahun, National Assembly member for Morbihan’s 2nd constituency, National Development and Regional Planning Commission

“The maritime transport industry has begun to change and is rapidly evolving in line with the International Maritime Organization’s new regulations. We need to remember and welcome that. However, we must move even faster, as despite everything greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase. We must therefore encourage alternatives to greenhouse gas emitters for propulsion. I particularly believe in hydrogen: it’s a breakthrough innovation that deserves to be financed through the recovery plan!”

Matthias du Verle, Captain

“As a member of the Captain’s Club, I am very excited to witness the birth of the SEA Index of the YCM. This is the first ever industry-wide roadmap to reducing CO2 emissions of the superyachts and it is the result of 2 years of hard work done here, at the Yacht Club de Monaco. I believe that the capital of yachting is the best place to promote such an ambitious and necessary project! We have to lead the industry through the challenges of this decade and use our position to set an example. The SEA Index is a concrete action of the YCM, supported by its captains, against global warming and better standards for the yachting world.”

Espen Oeino, CEO of Espen Oeino International

“Any initiative, including the Monaco SEA Index, creating awareness of more sustainable yachting should be welcome by all the users and the professionals in the yachting community.”

Paul Flannery, Executive Director IYBA

As an international organization very concerned with the responsible enjoyment of our seas, the International Yacht Brokers Association congratulates Yacht Club de Monaco in their SEA Index initiative and supports our collective goal of promoting eco-friendly advances in yachting.

Jamie Edmiston, Chief Executive of Edmiston & Company

“Over recent years we have seen a growing number of yacht owners and shipyards strive to deliver real gains in environmental efficiencies. By investing in innovation and research we have seen new technologies and engineering solutions come to the marketplace; and this is frequently thanks to the financial support of owners committed to this cause. The Yacht Club de Monaco and the Principality of Monaco have consistently supported environmental initiatives, and I applaud the launch of this new important initiative by the Yacht Club de Monaco. By creating the Superyacht Eco Association Index, key stakeholders in the yachting business – designers, shipyards, owners, brokers and managers – will be able to measure their impact on the environment and continue to drive innovation that reduces the impact of yachting on the environment in the future.”

Gregory Benassi, Cluster Secretary

“The Cluster Yachting Monaco was set up to promote the Principality of Monaco’s yachting sector and the many new initiatives launched by its members. As a driving force, the Yacht Club de Monaco’s role in the introduction of the SEA Index is an excellent example of what can be achieved towards improving the health of our oceans. This innovative project, to establish an internationally recognized emissions rating, raises awareness of the issue with owners, professionals and anyone involved in yachts the world over, and more importantly gives them a tool they can use to do something about it.”